Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun Times in 2007

We have enjoyed another great year. We love living in Utah and our new home. We had a great family trip to Disneyland in February, Darin and I went to Canada in July, We moved at the end of July, Had a great trip to Lake Powell in August, A fun Garrett Family reunion at Thanksgiving. Cami (10) is still playing soccer year round. She loves it. Makenna turned 8 this year and was baptized. She was so excited! Makenna is enjoying her Hip Hop classes and just had a recital. Brenden is in 7th grade. He turned 12 and received the Priesthood this year. He is a great kid! He enjoys his percussion class and his friends. Lots to explore around the new house. Lecia (15) is doing great in school, enjoying young womens and earning loads of money babysitting. We really have great kids that we enjoy so much! We are so grateful to have had may opportunities this year to enjoy great memories with many loved ones. We are so blessed to have such an awesome family, friends and loved ones. We are grateful for all the Lord has blessed us with and look forward to a wonderful 2008!


Britley said...

Yea! I love the new posts, Diane! Your kids are so great.

Camoflauged Shamrocks and Palm Trees! said...
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S & F said...

Yay for fun times! You all look great. Love and miss you guys.

Steve and Fern