Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Biking and Fishing in Canada

In July, Darin and I went to Canada. We enjoyed a couple days in Whistler and then went to Vancouver Island to do some fishing. It was great! Darin and his friend, Cougar, had a great time biking! It was an amazing place that really caters to bike riders of all abilities (especially the crazy, hard core type.) The biking trails were amazing. So much fun on the hill and around town. This picture shows one of the crazy things Darin rode over! Hillary and I went for some great hikes and loved the area. Then we went to a little town called Tofino to fish. We had a private guide for two 1/2 days of fishing. The salmon fishing was awesome! We caught some beautiful fish! Delicious too! We tried to fish for halibut also, but the seas were pretty rough, so we opted for more salmon after suffering on the open sea for a time. Beautiful place! We will definitely return to Canada again!

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Jessica said...

Way cute Di! It's cool to see what you guys are up to. Way to go on the Blog... maybe I'll throw one together next!